The OpenDomo Community was founded in 2006 with the goal of creating an open technology for controlling facilities, leading in 2011 to the creation of the company OpenDomo Services SL. Currently, the community is actively involved in the development of various projects both Software and hardware.
This section is intended to give a simple overview of how the community works, and provide basic guidance to users wishing to join community.

Current projects

Here are the projects that are in development now. Since new projects are created frequently, here only takes into account those who have achieved some degree of maturity, but may be still unstable.

Project Description OS Version Professional Version* Status**
ODControl Facility Control. Not available

ODControl 1.6.3 (download firmware)

ODControl Configurator Integrated tool for ODControl configuration ODControl Configurator ODControl Configurator 1.6.3 (descargar) RELEASE
OpenDomo OS Open Source Operating System for home automation. OpenDomo OS None BETA
Domino ODControl implementation compatible with Arduino Ethernet. Domino 1.1.4 None BETA
HW 4-20mA Input Hardware compatible with ODControl 1 for analogical input reading. Publication pending Discontinued RELEASE
HW 0-10V / 4-20mA Output Hardware compatible with ODControl 1.5 for analogical output writing. Publication pending Discontinued BETA
PDF CLDC PDF creator tool with barcodes, QR codes, ... . PDF CLDC 0.9 None BETA
ODE Logger ODELogger is a free tool designed to capture data from devices ODEnergy T. The captured data is saved into CSV format.
You need Oracle's Java Virtual Machine..
ODEL 1.0.1 (Windows)
ODEL 1.0.1 (Linux)
ODEL 1.0.1 (Multiplataforma)
* Professional versions can be different from Open Source Versions or include additional features.
** A project can have different status: Alpha (initial projects), Beta (testing projects) and Release (stable projects).

How can I help?

There are different ways to collaborate with OpenDomo Community, such as the development of software, the translation of applications or writing documentation or Just testing and reporting bugs.
Some of the projects have a list of tasks, you can quickly identify which the needs of the project are and how they can be most useful. In other projects, just it is enough to communicatewith other members through discussion boards.
However, if you have any doubts, pleaseContact us at and Weindicate you how to proceed.


All the issues are discussed in OpenDomo Community Forums you can find at .
Register and chat with other members both to answer questions and to discuss the details ofeach project.

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